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Terri Anne Dougherty& Douglas Shumway are the owners of Charlton Equestrian Center LLC.


Terri Anne is a dedicated Mom of three beautiful children.Terri Anne relocated back to her childhood home of Saratoga County from Columbia County, NY in 2010 and  spent a year designing and building one of the Northeasts most beautiful and state of the art equine facilities for care and education.“My Staff and I are committed to having the best environment for both horse and owner, mentally and physically. Since we opened in 2003 in Columbia County ( our prior location), we have endured many hardships in equine industry and  the tough economy  we face today.  My hope with our new location is provide even better services and options in educating horse owners, riders, trainers and  offering professional workshops for veterinarians on “caring for the whole horse” and specialized equine biomechanics. This business is hard to succeed in and I always strive to go above and beyond to provide the best care for horses and  the people who love them. My personally owned horses live a happy life here and they show it in their faces when they greet you!” – Terri Anne Dougherty, Owner- Charlton Equestrian Center.

Terri Anne Dougherty, in addition to caring for the property and her children, she is always improving on her credentials and education. Currently, Terri Anne is working on completing her LVT in veterinary nursing for NYS for small and large animals with a concentration in Equine Care and Lameness. Her certifications have come from  working with Schleese Saddlery and  also Saddle Fit 4Life. Terri Anne has become one of only a handful of Certified Saddle Ergonomists in the United States & Europe and is a Certified Independent Saddle Fitter Affiliated with Schleese Saddlery. Terri Anne has been privledged to work along side and intern under Jochen Schleese ( as German Master Saddler)  and learn from the very the best.  Terri Anne  rides “purely for the love and experience of the horse.” And continues to fine tune her educational background and skills to offer clients the best in equine health and care.  During her downtime, Terri spends her time conditioning and rehabilitating horses that are in specialized medical regime for lameness or spinal issues . She has close day-to-day contact with her staff making sure that the horses and their necessary medical needs are met to bring them back comfortable and happy. Terri Anne serves the Northeast with some additional locations as needed in the upper midwest and South.


Douglas G. Shumway

Owner/Property & Business Manager


Doug Shumway holds a Bachelors in Business Management and Finance. He is a native born Texan, out of Dallas and has had a love for horses and all animals all his life. Doug has a western riding background and is learning about dressage and currently just finished course 1, 2 & 3 in Fort Myers Florida this January 2017 with the Saddlefit 4 Life Group on proper saddle fit for horse and rider.

His experience includes retail management, recruiting, as well as training.  With several years as a Radio Shack Manager, Doug was chosen out of several thousand managers in the United States to become a part of one of the best training teams in Corporate RadioShack. His talents of acting and voice were put behind the camera to train store associates around the world by store videos to implement new items or changes desired via corporate officers. Doug taught new managers coming in during Answers University Lectures and training courses offered at the corporate office in Fort Worth, TX.

When Doug decided to challenge himself more, he ventured into finishing a degree  in education and spent several years as a Middle school Math Teacher in Carrollton, TX.  In addition Doug, has spent over 20 years coaching team sports, such as soccer and basketball, with a concentration on private coaching to elite players who have gone on to successfully be recruited to play college ball and for the NBA.


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