Lessons and Training

We offer many programs for full training of young horses as well as lessons for Adults and Children of all levels. In addition we also have many safe and well trained horses mounts and ponies for lease at rates that will give you all the benefits of ownership
without the high expenses.


Terri Anne Dougherty- ISF/CSE- Schleese USA Affiliate

Terri Anne Dougherty- ISF/CSE- Schleese USA Affiliate

ARIA Certified Instructor
Schleese Affiliate & ISF/CSE
Sales & Service

















Raised in Saratoga County and in Farm Country. Horses and the love for them is no stranger to Terri Anne and she has been around them from age four. Terri Anne rides as much as possible , with major concentration on the flat in dressage.. While taking several years off to raise a family and continue her education at The University at Albany and now for her NYS LVT, Terri Anne rejoined the riding arena with taking instruction in dressage and hunter/jumpers working with different area trainers over the past several years. Outside of conditioning in her riding skills, Terri Anne focuses on teaching her own students good horse management skills, good relationships and proper riding skills to ensure safety and proper conditioning for the horse and rider. Terri Anne has had many successful students go on to higher levels of riding as well as many successful equines return to work after treatment from her care at her facility.  She has a great working relationships with area vets and professionals to support her aggressive and methodological care program for hard cases. In addition to her riding background, Terri Anne is a Certified Equine & Saddle Ergonomist & Certified Saddle Fitter.  Terri Anne also is one of the select few to work with Schleese Saddlery as a USA Affiliate and Representative for Sales and Service for existing and new clients.  Terri Anne offers saddle fitting services as well as evaluations for horses and riders all over NY and other areas of the USA. It is her passion to care for the whole horse and help riders find long term solutions to their horses lameness and discomfort problems.

“Many new or young riders, do not understand how important correct riding is as well as correct and proper saddle fit and how it affects their horses performance, but also their health (spine and legs) and longevity in life.” In addition, we all focus on teaching the core foundation of riding: Respect, Safety , Correct Seat, Bending & Collecting, AND Control. ” Once a student understands these and can ride competently, they can progress in any style and go to any level..the skys the limit!!-Terri Anne Dougherty.






Kristal Gessler On the Cross Country Course



Kristal Gessler studied at the University of New York at Cobleskill and was raised in Saratoga County, NY. Kristal is the daughter of Kevin and Martha Bowman, of Bowman Orchards and was raised on the farm, located in Rexford, NY. Kristal has over 20 years experience in riding and training horses. Riding since age 8, Kristal realized training was her passion at an early age. From youngsters to schooling the more advanced and higher level horses, Kristal loves riding all disciplines. Kristal’s background and training includes working and training with several different trainers such as Bob DiLorenzo, Ray Whelihan, Debbie Gerade-Pernant, and Olympic Trainer and Eventer Marsha Kulak. Kristal specializes in training horses and riders in the hunter/jumper ring and lower level dressage. Thanks to the personal experiences with working with Marsha Kulak of Kulak Equestrian and Terri Anne Dougherty Owner of Charlton Equestrian Center & Schleese Affiliate & ISF/CSE, Kristal has come to understand and appreciate the need for correct saddle fitting and how the effects of a bad saddle fit vs. a proper one can affect not only the horses movement in training and showing, but in addition and even more crucially, how it can cause long term damage and lameness for horses. Kristal continues to train with high level trainers to stay current on all the methods. In her own words, ” You never stop learning, I learn something new everyday!” Kristal is currently the Facility Manager at Charlton Equestrian and the Lead Trainer overseeing all trainers and all aspects of the needs of Charlton Equestrian Centers Clients and Horses. If you are interested in working with Kristl, please contact us through our website.



Charlton Equestrian Center offers customized professional lessons and training for you and your horse at all levels. Understanding of the dynamics of equine communication and how it applies to you and your horse is foremost in our training.

Several-staff quality instructors strive to meet the training needs and goals of each client with beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons offered privately or in groups and scheduled by appointment.


Kristal Backing one of 2.5 year olds; “Duo”

Our After School Riding Program and Summer Riding Programs are structured riding programs, that provide the core of teaching riding skills, and also offers opportunities for growth and character development to youth and teens alike, cross training under the USPC manual standards. Students receive an integrated riding program tailored to their skill and confidence level, emphasizing classical military (dressage) techniques to improve basic riding skills, as well as using a hunt & jump seat (if desired). Students may then progress to drill team or quadrille work, or choose to pursue individual goals in their riding discipline of choice. All students are encouraged to participate in local team events or exhibitions, but is not mandatory.

Adult Riding Program- Our adult riding program is structured the same way as our youth riding programs. We work with riders of all levels and ages and offer services for the new adult rider or the former equestrian looking .”to get back in the saddle again!” with confidence!

Equine & Stable Management- We teach all students youth or adults about proper equine daily care,vet care, and proper nutrition. We feel that a rider is best prepared and can ride to the best of their ability when they understand their horse from Head to Toe! We offer off site consultant services for those starting up their stable or have a “back yard barn” and need assitance with proper daily care and nutrition. Off site services vary by services needed and travel time. Please call or email us for more information.


One of our students riding on the flat.

One of our students riding on the flat.


All students are required to have the following :

-Approved Riding Helmet

-Riding breeches with half or full seat

-Riding Boots with a heel

-Approved Saftey Vest (Jumping Students Only)

-Appropriate clothing for seasonal conditions

-Riding Gloves

All clothing should be appropriate for the weather and each student will be given a Jacket/Shirt to wear for the program. Snacks and beverages are provided for each student at every lesson, as well as the parents observing .

Every student is offered a space to store their riding gear and any tack they have. In addition, a laundry service is available for students who need their show attire cleaned prior to eventing for a small fee as well as any repairs needed. Soaps and conditioners are provided in the tack room for each student to clean their horses tack after each lesson and their riding gear. Each student is expected to keep all tack in the best condition possible. Students are also required to cool down their horse and return them to the stall or paddock as instructed and clean up after themselves before leaving the barn.

We do not teach you just to ride, we teach you about caring for the whole horse and the relationship!

We do not teach you just to ride, we teach you about caring for the whole horse and the relationship!

Additional Riding Services
Lessons are available seven days a week by appt only and ask that you schedule accordingly with your instructor. We also offer trail rides by the pairs only at $65.00 per person per hour once approved through our trail ride simulation classes*. We ask that you come fifteen to twenty minutes early to tack up and so that you enjoy the entire hour outside on the trails.*
*3-60 minute simulation trail ride lessons required with an instructor before allowed to go out alone in pairs.

~Our horses are well trained, but it is also important that you understand the horse you ride and the safety measures you would need to take in case a rider got hurt, a horse spooked, or took off out of fright. We rarely see this happen, but as it does happen, we prefer you are prepared for the situation. Your safety is our first concern!

We proudly accept mastercard/visa, personal checks for your convenience!

* Cancellation Policies

-It can be very difficult to “juggle” and reschedule clients when we have too many cancelling or rescheduling due for really important reasons, or just no reason at all, so we have enforced our policy to the following:

Private Instruction or Trail Riding: Any client taking lessons that feel the need to cancel must do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice to the instructor immediately or they will be charged for that lesson. You must speak directly with the instructor and/or trainer and get back confirmation that they are aware of you not being at your scheduled lesson.

Clinics: Any rider coming into a clinic late will be sent out and will not be allowed any refund and any no shows will be charged. Clinic Instructors travel great distances to be here and run extremely tight schedules and will not tolerate any late comers to a scheduled clinic time. Plus, the Facility gets charged whether a rider is there or not when time has been allotted. It is important that all students have respect for one another and the instructor giving the lesson. Tardiness affects everyone in many ways and we would appreciate if all students would come to each lesson prepared and on time.

Committment and dedication is what makes you a great and learn to your potential!
  • Youth Riders ( ages 5-10) $65 (45 minutes, includes tackup assistance and grooming lesson)
  • Junior & Adult Riders (ages 11 & up) $70 ( 60 minutes, can include tack up/grooming if needed)
  • Speciality Instructors rates vary by instructor and time allottment. See barn for pricing and scheduling.

As each student progresses, they get more time in the saddle. We strive for our students to be able to come at least thirty minutes prior to a lesson, groom, tack up and be ready for their lesson start time. However, for those students (adults & children) requiring assistance grooming and tacking up, we will always help them until they feel comfortable doing it on their own. Youth students will get 30 minutes in the saddle and Junior and Adult Riders will get 45 minutes in the saddle if assistance is needed.

We accept Visa and Mastercard

And other major credit cards. A 3% fee is charged when using credit cards.