Your Saddle Needs Are Very Important!!-buying lower priced models, only costs you more in many ways!! Your really not saving anything at all…

Schleese Logo - transparent backgroundTerri Anne Shumway is a Certified Equine Ergonomist and Certified Independent Saddle Fitter as well an Authorized Affiliate of  SCHLEESE Saddlery. Terri Anne Shumway feels very strongly about Schleese’s mission and the services they offer and is very proud to work with Jochen & Sabine Schleese and all of their wonderful staff. I encourage equine owners to visit the Schleese website and explore the opportunities available to them. Whether your in the market to buy a new saddle that REALLY IS ADJUSTABLE in EVERYWAY, or if you current saddle (Schleese or other brands) is in need of repair or evaluation. I can help!

Terri Anne Shumway is able to help you evaluate your current saddle to determine its fit and help you find out what issues or concerns you have when your riding in current saddle. In addition, Terri Anne can refit your current Schleese Saddle as well as help you evaluate other brands to see what options are available to  you and give your horse the best fit to be comfortable under saddle and allow you “The Rider” to be in correct rider position without any back pain, as well as allow your horse to use its body correctly, putting a stop to unnecessary injuries, back and lameness problems, that can end up costing you thousands with no real solution.

Saddle fit is crucial not only for you as a rider, but also for your horses proper movement and keeping their spine safe from long term damage in addition to their shoulder blades and cartilage, which once damaged, can be irreversible and career/partnership ending . Long term damage is something no horse owner wants and,as a multiple high end horse & facility owner ,certified riding instructor and fitter, you can be assured that I am competent to provide the best all around care for your horse, from proper nutrition, good shoeing, daily exercise and one of the most important factors–saddle fit! Don’t compromise your seat and their back, or vice versa. In todays world, technology and science have taken us to learn from our mistakes and learn from our ancestors of what works and what doesn’t. Along with the advancements in medicine that offer us to see under the skin and what problems we as owners & riders are causing our horses, there are no more excuses for poor saddle fit.

Horses come in all sizes, shapes, breeds and levels of training, but Men and Women are different in the saddle in many ways, not just the obvious! ONE: where the riders bottom hits the saddle ( men have a longer tail bone than women and are physically able to sit naturally on their seat bones, women can not) and men can manipulate their pelvic area to accommodate  for comfort while riding. Women, manipulate in all the other saddles out there designed for men, so they end up hitting their pubic synthesis on the front of the saddle, many times injuring themselves, as well as constantly trying to put themselves in the correct rider position….so why would saddles designed for men be comfortable for women? The answer: They are not and we end up riding in the wrong position and find ourselves struggling to keep our leg in the correct position or we are trying to protect ourselves from falling on the pommel of the saddle! OUCH!  Jochen Schleese’s saddles are designed to accommodate either sex of the rider and be extremely comfortable in the saddle without compromising the comfort of the horses movements and physical body and spine.

So if your horse is having back issues, or lameness,soreness in the withers, shoulders, SI joint, is heavy on the forehand, and is not engaging their hind end with endless hours trying to make it happen and you have had endless vet visits to “figure things out”, or you have had endless chiropractic sessions and only short lived results, but still don’t know why your horse bucks or pins his ears when you  mount. OR he seems like he is stuck in the sand and just won’t move or get out of his own way, then most likely, its the saddle your riding in that is holding you back and making your horse very unhappy and unable to do what you are asking.

Many riders today, have a saddle that cost them thousands of dollars and its their favorite, and they just love how it feels to sit in it, but what you may not realize is that it doesn’t really fit your horse at all, it actually hurts them , or you are spending endless money on wither relief pads, or half pads to help equal out the weight bearing pressure, and still after awhile you end up back to the beginning….its time to stop spending unnecessary money and get you and your horse back in motion together and feeling great under saddle!!!!. Horses change all the time, with heavy work, then no work, then some work, in summer, in winter. How can you keep them happy and comfortable without breaking the bank? Well, check these videos out and find out how coming to a clinic or contacting me will change your riding experience forever! It did for me and all my horses! I can’t lie, my horses they never complain when I saddle up and I don’t get ugly faces when I mount and best of all, I stopped throwing away hard earned money on extra vet calls.  I was able to afford purchasing a proper saddle! Average cost per year is $45oo.00 to the vet in chiropractic, injections, call charges, supplements, medications,etc.. You ALL KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! So if you want to stop spending money on issues that could be prevented and get back in the saddle with your best friend and really feel them move like they should, contact me today! The worst thing is that you learn how to help yourself and your horse.

Check out the New “OBRIGADO” saddle by Schleese… “..your horse will Thank you!”- Watch this video to find out more on the “Obrigado”-



















































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Announcing… ‘The Silent Killer’ by Jochen Schleese
– the painful truth of saddle fitting and why it doesn’t work!

The Silent Killer – the painful truth of saddle fitting and why it doesn’t work!

The subtitle of Jochen Schleese’s first book – published in hard cover by WuWei in Germany and soon to be translated for the North American market – clearly states that there are issues inherent in the generally accepted principals of saddle fitting that affect the success of making saddle fit work. The Silent Killer does not simply imply that there is a choice for correct saddle fitting; it acknowledges that there are saddles being made and fitted incorrectly and the book will inform the reader of the suggested philosophy to consider when having his/her saddles fit.

Certified Master Saddler and Equine Ergonomist Jochen Schleese is well known in equestrian circles for his work to educate the riding public through his network of equine professionals “Saddlefit 4 Life®” who are all dedicated to protecting horse and rider from long term damage. His innovative saddle designs are well known in the dressage world for truly altering performances and his consuming passion for the well-being of the horse has lead to his involvement as a founding member of HIPPOH (Horse Industry Professionals Protecting Our Horses) Foundation.

This book is meant to be a no holds-barred, extremely honest (and perhaps brutal at times) representation of the facts surrounding saddle manufacture, saddle sales, and saddle fit as existing in today’s market. The rider and the reader need to have the tools and the information at their disposal to allow them to ask the hard questions necessary from both their saddle provider and their saddle fit service person.

As per Jochen:”My hope and my intent is to enlighten; the thirst for knowledge has become paramount in this industry at this time and the target audience continually haunts the equestrian chat rooms on the internet looking for advice and opinions, reads the latest books (as well as hopefully this one!), attends the ‘hot’ clinician seminars, and in the end hope that what they are doing is what’s best for their horse. It is some of these pervasive myths of ‘what is considered right’ that I hope to dispel and give food for thought to.”



The first one will surely make you laugh, but does bring up a very serious point…check it out!!!.

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